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The Dog Bakery in LA is where you should take your dog!

Do you remember the first time you were asked not to share that bar of chocolate with a dog? Dogs most certainly love it but those fluffs do not understand that it is bad for them. Most pet parents are inclined to share itty bitty pieces of chocolate treats with their furballs. Regardless, they keep those sweet crumbs away from those angelic puppy dog eyes. It is such people that the owners of The Dog Bakery, Los Angeles cater to.

The Dog Bakery, located in Los Angeles is a godsend to dog owners in the locality and elsewhere. Rocky Kanaka, the founder, decided to open The Dog Bakery to give dogs the treats that they deserve. Dog owners are often towed by the leash into the store with their pets on the other side. Customers that frequent the store always come back for the yummy goodies on the display shelves.

If you can lift your dog up to the display or if you let him get his paws up on the display glass, you can be sure that the little/huge mister will pick a treat for himself. Why is the bakery so popular you ask? Well… that’s because the bakers always have variety of food to choose from. The secret to the great tasting goodies lies in the exclusion of certain ingredients rather than the inclusion of a few.  It is a known fact that sugar and salt are not good for you pet.

Then again, you must be wondering how they make sure that the treats are sweet. To give things the flair of sweetness, they add honey and unsweetened applesauce into the mix. Dogs that visit the bakery are spoilt for choice, what with the addition of cute little burgers to the menu. The burger “patties” are made by dipping cheese crackers into carob, a natural and healthy chocolate substitute. The frosting for their other sweet delights is made from butter milk yogurt. Safe to say that your pet will get the best of the best without any damage.

Head over to The Dog Bakery to get some customized birthday cakes or treats to spoil your pet. Every dog surely has its day!   


Image Source: This Dog’s Life


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