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We All Deserve Better Than A Dark Corner

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I was sitting outside the cafeteria, staring at the streets. It was raining, the sound of the raindrops on the window pane was soothing my soul. The days weren’t that great and life was being tough. I wasn’t the only one dealing with these issues when I looked at my friends, I found they had the same predicament. Well, that’s how the life works and we cannot blame anyone.

Messed up? We all are. We all are pretty much messed up. I know life’s being harsh and we’ve been waiting for it to get better but all it gets is worse, worst. I understand the feeling of the spirit being crushed under sorrow, remorse or guilt that we carry- sometimes because they are genuine and sometimes because we feel deserving of them. We also carry them with a belief that we need them and at times, we let them define us. We all tend to hide under that gloomy veil, go to that dark corner and allowing no one to peep inside. It is suffocating and depressing and horrible, but we try to find solace there. Whenever faced with rigid situations, we run to that dark corner and shut all the doors. That’s one place we own in the whole world.
We try to stay there, in that dark, suffocating corner, reluctant to face the world, until- we choke and die. Maybe not physically, but our soul is dead. We stop living and all we do is survive, succumb to the ordeals of life and then one day, it all ends on a gloomy note with no stories and no memories.

So, no matter how much you love your dark place, for once, try breaking those walls and try coming out of your shell. Also, take with you your agony, anger, torment, and hatred. Don’t leave them behind because they’ll haunt if you leave them. Carry them, deal with them and if they do not succumb to you, don’t let their autonomy destroy you. Burn them, also burn the memories which put shackles on your happiness, mourn for their death and move on. It’s not easy to leave things behind, it’s not easy to ask for help, it’s not easy to love or fall in love again. But try them, it’ll make you see how beautiful life is. Let the vibrant sunlight exhilarate your life. Problems are there and they’ll keep knocking your door. But once, just once instead of running from them, face them and sort them out. Sort your problems slowly, one by one and you’ll see once you stop running from them you’ll become stronger and your spirit will be as light as a feather. Repentance, is another feeling which we deal with. There will be a point when we realise that, we’ve hurt people, and that realization will turn into guilt and won’t let you live in peace. It’s ok, if you sometimes hurt someone, get over that too, you’ll get hurt sometimes and you’ll be the one who’ll hurt. But that’s how life goes. If you are in a situation to correct your mistakes and go back, do it. But, if you are not in any such situation, just apologise and try to move on. Don’t let your spirit die, you can start fresh any day any time. The world isn’t that bad and the people here too aren’t that bad. And you, my friend, you deserve a lot more than the dark corner, so get out of there, embrace the beauty around you, get up and start walking because a beautiful life awaits you. Life’s all messed up, but you are not alone and you’ll never be.

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