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” If they can, then you too can”.

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” If they can, then you too can”.
Smoking, lately has become a popular trend especially among the early adults. People are so addicted to smoking that they are unable to perform any kind of daily tasks without a cigarette! I believe that each one of us very well know about the health issues related to smoking and also are aware about the dangerous repercussions it can put us in. Nevertheless its surprising to see the increasing rate of smoking cigarettes everyday.

I guess its my duty to educate you all on Tobacco. I realise that you all know about this but its good that you know about it once again. Tobacco contains nicotine, a highly addictive drug, that makes it extremely difficult for smokers to stop smoking therefore it culminates in premature deaths. It is very hard to break from this addiction but not impossible. It all depends on one’s choice, whether to quit or continue in this life time addiction.

A couple of days back I came across a few articles on “Smoking” on The Hindu newspaper website. It featured a couple of stories of smokers who got rid of their addiction to smoking. One of the story was about a doctor who got addicted to smoking fourteen years back during his college days hence it was a tough task for him to overcome smoking. He was so addicted to smoking that he smoked eight to ten cigarettes a day!

Being a doctor, he was well aware of his consequences hence one fine day he decided to quit smoking because of a combination of fear and motivation. He was not successful in the beginning as he tried chewing nicotine gums but that did not keep him away from smoking. His persistence, determination, will power made him once and for all to stop smoking!
He also shares how fresh and rejuvenated he feels everyday even after a hectic day. I specially mentioned this testimony to make you aware and assure that it is not impossible for you as well. If he can then why can’t you? It is now your own decision to quit smoking or not. I know many of you want to quit this habit but are not able to, so now that you know through this testimony that it is all about choice, will power, determination.

I know you all can and you will quit smoking for your betterment. Those of you who have friends addicted to smoking, kindly educate them time and again. Who knows they might quit smoking!!! Getting yourselves educated on this particular thing is absolutely essential. One has a lot of time to browse about a lot of things but neglects this part deliberately! My only advice for you will be that do not start at all!! It is recognised to be one of the dangerous and deadly habits one can possess! Let us take an initiative in raising enough awareness on this issue which is the need of the hour!.

You can not be impatient for the results by taking extreme methods or steps which will definitely lead to a disaster so, you should be patient enough to take smaller EFFECTIVE steps to reach the ultimate goal set before you. Let it just not remain as an aspiration, dream, desire, wish but let it be a goal towards which you labour everyday and which also does not let you sleep at any cause! Take the help of your family, friends, who can actually be very helpful in breaking this addiction of yours.

I would like to end this message with the quote with which I began, ” If they can, then you too can!”.

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