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Meditation: Way to a better life

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As people say, healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. Health is the most valuable asset of an individual. The world today is full of stress, anxiety and physiological issues. From a couple of decades, people are back at introducing yoga and meditation in their lives. Our ancestors never had these problems and led a healthy life free of diseases. Thus we see yoga centers and meditation organizations trending so quickly these days.

While yoga is the art of attaining body balance and postures to gain stability; meditation is an inward journey into the self which cleanse our thoughts and we focus on the positives in life. Meditation etches happiness and energy in self. This positive energy will never let you drain out your determination and will power and thus help you to discover new heights of success.  The more positive the consciousness, the more positive will be the experience of performing the task. Meditation, put in simpler words, is a connection between you and the Almighty and extracting His powers and virtues. It is a belief in goodness and a check over oneself for self progress. It brings out the best in you.

“Who sows virtue, reaps honour.” Meditation helps us rediscover the subtle virtues that lie beneath layers of falsehood, vices and cruelty. The downfall in basic moral values can be seen anywhere and everywhere. In the world filled with fears and traumas, let us be the source of indefinite peace and bliss.

You may experience temporary peace at a certain place or with a person because of their vibrations but if you’re searching for something permanent, then you need to tap the source within. Throughout the day, we act on the basis of our false identity and thereby reinforce unnatural state of being the physical body. Whilst we meditate, we focus on our true eternal spiritual identity and the Almighty.

The benefits of meditation cannot be undermined as it can perform wonders in your life. Firstly, it helps in obtaining the balance of the mind, body and soul. Second, it builds concentration which brings clarity and better decision-making. As a student, I find it very useful in academics, having a sharp memory and excelling in examinations. Quoting Vivekananda,”When an idea exclusively occupies the mind, it is transformed into an actual physical or mental state.” Thirdly, meditation develops the power of intellect to such an extent that in the midst of a situation of intense disturbance, one can remain so unshakeably calm that their inner strength becomes inspirational. Fourthly, the natural state avoids anger and anger-driven decisions that are generally regretful. Fifth and medically proven, meditation helps a ton in eradicating diabetes, hypertension, depression, cardiac-related, emotional disorders and overthinking. Meditation in the present scenario, works as medicine. A person who is awakened internally does not get influenced by the masses rather he influences the people that come in contact with him. Sixth, you can develop the ability to create long-lasting relationships even with people you don’t fit in. Lastly, it leads to self-realization and coping with one’s shortcomings and evolve.

But as spiritual powers decline, symptoms of negativity, anger, greed, ego, hatred, attachment, jealousy, insecurity appear. Just as darkness is the absence of light, negativity is merely the absence of spiritual light. Our life is what our thoughts make it. Happiness of our life depends upon the quality of our thoughts. Making all aware about meditation would help create a better society and definitely, a better lifestyle.


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