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Mind is open when Heart is open

‘’A man is born free but everywhere he’s within chains’’ An open heart is the natural state of a man. As he grows he encloses himself from things he might fear. He cuts himself off from the people around him to make his world a ‘’safer’’ & ‘’smaller’’ place. The compassionate heart and the rational mind need to be in harmony with each to be able to accept liberal change. The development and evolution of mankind is the history of change as Lord Buddha says- ‘’Change is only constant ‘’ Decisions based on sole sentiments aren’t always relevant. ‘’The knowledgeable heart and the wisdom of the mind have to think together to maintain equilibrium in your decisions.’’ Knowledge & wisdom are needed adequately for choosing the right path. The heart & the mind should be allowed to work in parallelism but there are times where the heart should be left alone to operate and choose between two roads. Only a good-hearted man will be able to think clearly with his mind ‘’Only a man with a clean heart will have a clear vision of life’’ and only can he estimate the next ten thousand steps and foresee their aftermath. Like darkness can never overshadow light but light can cut through the darkness, It’s  not difficult to make a choice between a right & a wrong path but ‘’it’s tough to choose in between two right roads’’ But follow your heart & it’ll lead you to the road, which is always the more right one. ‘’If a heart is open Rama will eat Shabri’s berries but if the mind is applied Laxman will throw them away’’ Rama is the symbol of heart whereas Laxman signifies the mind.

‘’Our hearts are filled with acts of forgiveness & love. The openness of your heart reflects on your face. Only a beautiful mind welcomes new ideas. ‘’For an open mind, you need to be accepting & forgiving.  You need to be kind & of good will. ‘’Acceptance’’ As in the sense of being liberal towards people. Accepting your own faults & forgiving theirs. One’s nothing is lost in accepting blames instead of complaining & accusing others of it. As the famous Sanskrit shloka goes – ‘’The trees that bear fruits are always stoned, but still they always bow’’ These people with a humble heart are modest, tolerant, they embrace others irrespective of the domestic boundaries. They have grown out of the social & cultural differences. This frantic life has forced us to grow out of our emotions. Morality is being diminished and we have lost all affection ‘’When we call a thing beautiful, we know what is ugly. When we call something good we have already known evil’’ To regain our lost conscience, we need to reflect inside ourselves.  One way is through meditating, involving yourself in serious thought in some quiet time. Opening your heart & awakening your mind through Yoga. But in today’s contemporary world ‘’praying is less of a bhakti but more of a duty. ‘’ The period when people liked spending considerable time thinking & meditating has passed ‘’The hectic life in today’s world implies pace & progress’’

Eliminate the Satan of your mind, be beyond religious taboos, myths or superstitions. ‘’When we stereotype people it’s really hard to see through it because our mind sees what our heart believes’’ Lets walk with deliberation into the heaven of freedom – ‘’where the mind is without fear & the head is held high, where knowledge is free, where the world hasn’t been broken into fragments’’ Work on having a healthy & lively heart, have a beautiful mind and see where it takes you. ‘’The beauty of the heart lives on forever, keep your heart open and it’ll show you something beautiful tomorrow. ‘’

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