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“You are Beautiful just the way you are”.

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The other day I was watching a movie called, ” when friendship kills” directed by James A. Contner. The movie kept me thinking about my girlfriends who were struggling with this serious problem! The movie also brought back my story in the form of a flashback, when I was obsessed of becoming slim to be beautiful. I was blessed to not have my life end in a disaster! But apparently this is not the case with everyone.
Sadly, girls lose their lives due to this psychological, life threatening eating disorder called, Anorexia. One does not realise when one becomes a bulimic, leaving everyone shocked especially the parents. This all starts with the pressure of becoming beautiful, and not feeling beautiful the way one looks. The person in order to become beautiful, stops eating and starts starving, in case she consumes anything then she purges the consumed food quickly,which is dangerous.
Unfortunately, the actresses on the screen, commercials, have set an ideal weight, height, colour, hair type, so on and so forth to be followed in order to be beautiful! This pressure is found to be among the early teens who are from(13-15) years of age. If a person is not slim, fair, tall with a slender waist, does not have straight hair, she is absolutely not beautiful, which culminates in poor self confidence, inferiority complex, identity crisis, mental illness and so on. One becomes more prone to heart attacks resulting from shocks.
Whenever I meet a girl these days, she is seldom worried about her body, therefore she goes on a severe diet by restricting herself from eating absolutely anything! One can definitely eat everything, be it chips, burger, pasta, momos, chowmein,and the list goes on, but has to be consumed in a proper quantity by not exceeding the limits. If one exceeds the limit then it is known as junk food. Then exercising regularly is very mandatory to be healthy and fit. Surprisingly no one realises all this, or perhaps no one has stressed upon this fact.
Besides, these days teens, do not know patience hence there questions are, “How to lose 10 kilos in a week?”, “How to lose weight in 3 days without exercising and dieting?”. These questions are shocking to read which shows how impatient and unrealistic teens are now days.
Coming back to the celebrities, who are setting an impossible target for the younger generation makes me furious. I remember when I was in my early teenage years, people around used to body shame me by calling weird names which left me feel ugly, sad, frustrated and angry. These folks get these guidelines from the screen so if we do not match up to that level, then we are definitely not beautiful but to be ridiculed.
Hence this issue which is widespread among the teenage girls is being brushed under the carpet and not spoken about to raise awareness. I can relate to the pressure, in fact every girl can relate to this pressure of being Slim, fair, and so on which alone can lead that person to qualify in becoming bold and beautiful.
Even if everyone is defining beauty from the perspective of the actresses, yet someone from our family or our friends, be it anyone, assures us with these simple words that “You are beautiful just as the way you are”, will certainly make a huge impact on us.
I urge those of you reading this post to assure a girl with these words especially during her teenage years , since she is perplexed about everything. Change starts from us hence let us not anticipate for the media to do anything for us. Why cannot we start a chain reaction in appreciating the girls how beautiful they are? Believe you me this will definitely create a huge impact!

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