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” If they can, then you too can”.

” If they can, then you too can”. Smoking, lately has become a popular trend especially among the early adults. People are so addicted to smoking that they are unable to perform any kind of daily tasks without a cigarette! I believe that each one of us very well know …

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The debate on theism

  Aao hum bhi haath uthaye, jinhe rasm-e-dua yaad nahin, jinhe soz-e-mohabbat k siva koi khuda yaad nahin. -Faiz I could doubt my varsity’s role in teaching me History but within the time I’ve spent in the university, I’ve definitely learnt that “it is widely believed” is not a concrete …

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Meditation: Way to a better life

As people say, healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. Health is the most valuable asset of an individual. The world today is full of stress, anxiety and physiological issues. From a couple of decades, people are back at introducing yoga and meditation in their lives. Our ancestors never had …

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