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Book review- pride and prejudice

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Pride and prejudice is an amazing and great love story by Jane Austen. the book was also adapted as a film both in Hollywood and Bollywood. The beautiful book talks about one of the 5 Bennett sisters and her endeavor with life. When Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett first met, they had a hateful and arrogant perception of each other. Jane, the eldest of the Bennett sisters, falls in love with Mr Bingley, who also happens to be Mr Darcy’s best buddy. Elizabeth Bennett is portrayed as strong and independent and would go to any extent for her family. Unlike her three sisters Mary, Kitty and Lydia, she is not materialistic or in the slightest bit foolish. On the contrary, the other three Bennett sisters are much like their mother who values money and is materialistic. Elizabeth coincidentally meets Mr Darcy because firstly he is Mr Bingley’s friend and secondly he is Lady Catherine’s relative. Under Lady Catherine’s guidance, Mr William Collins had gained parsonage. Mr Collins was engaged to Charlotte Lucas, who was the Bennett family’s neighbor and Lizzy’s childhood best friend. To meet her best friend, Lizzy would visit Rosings park , where Lady Catherine resides. There she met Mr Darcy and they interacted and gradually started sharing their family histories and behavior with them. Soon, the prejudice they had against each other faded and they were guilty of judging each other with out knowing each other. Their meet at Derbyshire blossomed into beautiful love story between the two.

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