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Directed by Anand Tiwari, love per square foot is a romantic comedy about a boy and a girl who are in a desperate search of a house in Mumbai. These two protagonists Karina played by Angira Dhar and Sanjay played by Vicky Kaushal enter into a marriage of convenience to fulfill the conditions of the housing scheme in the excessively crowded city. The movie revolves around the basic themes of love, family and drama.

The movie is easy-breezy and an ode to love and the spirit of Mumbai is deeply etched as in scenes of local trains, street food and culture. Released on the Valentine’s Day on Netflix, is apt to watch with your partner. Sanjay is fed-up of changing the railway quarters every now and then and wants to have his own dream house. His dream is shared by his bank colleague Karina, a bandra girl who believes in 50-50 sharing of responsibilities. Being unsure of their relationships they break up with their partners and fall deeper and deeper (over time) into a world where they can’t differenciate between love for each other and love for owning their own house.

The film has a perfect balance of authenticity and comical performances. It portrays the issues between couples and family discussions and arguments over an inter-caste marriage. A lot of credit goes to the chemistry between its actors. They have some of the best dialogues showing a striking difference between the UP folks and Mumbaikars. I laughed the most when the typical north Indian mother of Sanjay calls out to Blossom as “Balsam behen”!

They say “Love per square foot is to Mumbai what Band baaja baraat is to Delhi.” Although rated 7.2 by imdb, it is not flawless. The needless songs in the movie not only stretch its length to more than required, but also seize the charm and narrative. Overall, it has been reviewed good and enjoyable by the audience.

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