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Exploring the power dynamics in a relationship

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Will to power – the main driving force in humans – achievement, ambition and the striving to reach the highest possible position in life ~Nietzsche

Without making any sweeping statements, Ambition & Passion pursue divergent destinies. There are some people who are driven by a sense of duty and not a lot of passion, these are ambitious people and then there are people who are driven by a sense of purpose, passionate people.

Ambitious people have a ruthless work ethic, they need to be shit-hot at the whole shebang, they want to have the cake in its entirety and eat it too whereas passionate people will try to be proficient in the pursuit of their raison d’être. Passionate people are not accepting of the proposition of mindless hard work, they do not allow their lives to succumb to the monotony of action that will madden them because they recognize the futility of meaningless action.

Ambitious people are responsible and dutiful but do things sans bonafide gusto and the incitement behind each manoeuvre is to prove themselves to others or even to one’s own self, they take up ventures to feel applauded, to seek approval, they live their whole lives by seeking validation which gives them instant gratification and prevents them from being dedicated to a deeper purpose in life, they have goals and to them failing the goals that they set for themselves amounts to being a failure at life. These people measure success with the magnitude of their hard work, the hours they put in. These people dismantle themselves, by scrutinizing and inspecting every minute attribute, by having reservations, until they’ve reduced themselves to nothingness. They’re cynical of those people who’re optimistic of a silver lining because somehow no pay-off seems to meet to them as a result of which they end up fracturing their psyche and feeling like mediocre humans who’re shooting for the moon.

It is when ambitious people make the acquaintance of the “people with passion” they have to irrevocably meet them with admiration because to them, these people with passion are as right as rain, because they impel them to face the music and re-envision the significance of life and hunt for a resolution, they activate some part that had long been shut off and you’re obliged to lionise the enormity of zeal they have. To them, there’s a world beyond the material world and you marvel at the facet of why you aren’t on an equal footing with them and are grasping to keep pace. They make you ask substantial questions: “How long can you keep your fire burning if what fuels it is rage and jealousy? You have to let your fire be fuelled by creativity.” Ambitious people might be in a state of preparedness while the worlds of creative minds, move too fast and burn too bright, Ambitious people may wear their scars as badges of honours from the battles fought, some won and the rest lost and yet when these ambitious people fade into inevitable oblivion they will not leave a shadow behind but those of you, those of you who create, will.


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