They say that the
the mystics,
the soothsayers,
were wise men,
wonderfully wise men –
who knew of magic,
they must have
been right because
Hunooz Dilli door ast,
continues to hold true,
even today.
I played with a gun,
with the safety catch off
and it misfired,
the soothsayers had warned me
that the embers would ebb away
with the approaching summer solstice.
That chinar –
would shed leaves the color
of burnt carnelian.
That the coming winter –
snow would fall red
That love would turn
into a war zone
Before we could build
a blast wall around us,
The Vitasta would swell,
you would be amputated
from me like a
diseased leg and soon
barbed wires would be drawn
on land harvested with blood.
we had sown seeds of love,
why were we reaping
morphed bodies and battered heads
carrying out operation oppressions
and operation genocides
you were a
figment of my imagination,
memories made of moondust
spiked with the
finesse of gossamer
a khwaab, I couldn’t seem to
obliviate from my fancy
but artifacts just gather dust
and the sullen reality
of love remains
that love which sustains on
raving and ranting can drop
dead like bodies on the
towers of silence as
vultures’ hover over
to settle on them,
sure, it felt surreal
to be in love but
I didn’t want to stay
because staying
meant being tied down
and I swore to never settle.
I don’t want to serve
poetic justice,
I am the devil’s advocate,
People around me are too
busy dying,
so I grew up
in this plethora of madness,
with an identity crisis,
while being asked to keep
my head together
and act like a lady
my morals want to keep him
ethics ask me to let him go
he wasn’t mine to keep
Nobody would ever be
able to tell by
just looking at you
how you had tried
to save
a good thing from
falling apart but even
the sun sets in paradise
It’s sad how we can
be broken hearted and
the sun would still rise
the sun must always rise
it’s another day in the valley


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