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The romantic’s words
of accepted social
behavior, ring in my head
An open heart is the
natural state of man?
A land as tolerant
where Ahalya was forgiven
refuses to see
the teeming truth of
gender fluidity,
that you could identify
with one gender and
express yourself as
another is only
hushed about.
Where Shabri’s ber
found acceptance
Yet she still whispers,
I’ve heard through
the grapevine
that you’ve been living
quarantine because
your decision to
embrace androgyny isn’t
they would rather
have you embrace
someone you don’t love
Where Vatsyayana,
the sophisticated
hedonist was celebrated
but struggles of
sexual orientation and
gender identity is
shied away from.
that gender could
actually be a state of
the mind, there could
be two of them
four hundred of them
or seven billion of
them is beyond the
bounds of possibility
A land that witnessed
the documentation
of Shakuntala’s legend
stripped Shikhandi
of her pride, who got
played like a card to
Krishna’s strengths.
So many alleys,
such a twisted tale
The cynics said.
They say, they can
measure me up and
down the Kinsey scale.
Sodomy is blasphemy!
They say,
those like me only
date back to the 20s,
I’m part of a minuscule
minority, thence I’m
not to emote but I’d lie not
I had often thought of
those, who lived on
the extremities
of the spectrum
as ignoble people
to whom
conformity brought
To those that live,
over the rainbow
you don’t deserve
to live like this
in a closet and
you definitely don’t
deserve to die
out of claustrophobia
The people around us
are down with
going monochrome
but us, women of color
are eclectic
and thus I reiterate,
That never has love bled
one shade,
That it was never just a brilliant red
or a shade card of grey,
It was always colorful.

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