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The act of seeking validation for one’s existence

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Recently, I overheard a conversation in which some twenty-something girls, debated on religiosity and the meaning of life and existence, one of them was of the point of view, that those who had decided to not accept the authority of Islam, were not aware of the legacy of the Abrahamic religions and that Islam was a continuation of the Abrahamic religious tradition that produced many prophets, to propagate one message- The Message of Allah. My point is, what difference does it make?

We as humans are engrossed with the prospects of trying to associate things to antiquity, Indians have such reverence for grace, experience, and ceremonial behaviour but we seek validation from the past, for the existence of the evils of tradition in today’s society, the stigma attached around many factions today is extrapolated to the early centuries and that is how we warrant images that are related to certain communities but the conundrum here, is the idea of seeking validation for your existence. It’s something that’s been incorporated into us as an innate part of human existence, It’s something that I as a human have done and many of us in the course of seeking validation for our existence will do and will wind themselves up in some sort of an anxiety disorder or existential crisis, although I’m not sure that how much sharing an apartment with five other damsels who do not care about whether I live or die and do not do leave any stone unturned to make themselves painstakingly clear and unconcealed of their true feelings contributes to the cause. Looking at things from a cognitive frame of reference tells us that in life we are condemned to search meaning, we seek validation, validation that causes us to drop things as fast as we make up our minds to pick them.

We should not desire someone we admire because we end up valuing and devaluing our worth based on somebody else’s fondness for us. We all want to be proud of something that is ours but when we cannot achieve those qualities that we hold in high regards in a person we idolise, we try to win over their affections, to seek validation, which is may be why so many kids are under the pressure of walking in their parents’ shoes because parents as humans want to be proud of something that is theirs, which causes their dreams, goals, and aspirations to transfer on to us and they never once believe about the negative effects it could have on our minds.
Sometimes, you win and sometimes you let your apprehensions get the best of you, my brain cells are usually fried on the way home and I can’t tell apart distress from happiness, fear from agape, unease from affection and nervousness from feelings of embarrassment, also the fact that my brain has narcolepsy and falls asleep mid-sentence doesn’t help, but is it ignorance or is it indifference that is making me mad? Am I going mad if it’s only the sad melodies that make me sway? Every time I leave for a ride back home, my brain cells are fried but I am trying to remold myself, to grow, you already know a lot and I am here to learn a lot, you believe in saying a lot and I believe in saying a lot in a space of 3000 characters.

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