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Calcutta, The City Stuck In A Time Warp

Even though I hate naming things, I could never live in cities, divided into sectors, I would much rather live in old cities that have streets named after real people that speak to me. Our summers were spent with us pretending to be tourists in our own city, when we …

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Jaisalmer fort

Now a days we find very few historical and very precious forts Among them “jaisalmer fort”is one which is in India and situated at jaisalmer city of rajasthan states. The name derived from “rajput rawal”who built it in 1156AD and it is also known as the “sonar quala or golden …

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I decide to navigate my way to my seat, the activity inside the aircraft, making me dizzy and nauseous. I find my place and sit down. Before I know it, I’m up on my two feet again, fiddling with my luggage that was supposed to be in the overhead bin …

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Things to do in Verona – Writing to Juliet, the everlasting icon of immortal love.

It was a cloudy day, cold enough for a cup of black, soul warming tea, but too warm for sweaters and socks. I was seventeen years old, nursing my cup between my equally warm hands and cuddled up in a thin blanket, staring ardently at the screen. The protagonist was …

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