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Speed thrills but Kills

Need has led to the invention of many gadgets, devices, machines by man for man, To finish tasks faster & for making life easier.  With new communication & technology developments. Life has become fast-paced. If a person can’t stay updated with modern technology or put up with it, He’s called backward & underdeveloped. Man has gotten so busy or maybe so selfish, That he wants to save up as much time as he can for himself. He feels the need to be faster than time. He loves speed. But speed doesn’t ensure good work, Dedication, determination, devotion & a lot of time needs to be spent after a job for finishing it off effectively in the end.

People want to wrap up their daily chores as quickly as possible, Praying is no more bhakti but a duty. The period when people liked spending considerable time thinking & meditating is no more. The hectic life led by today ’s population symbolizes pace & progress.

The actual purpose of sending your kid to school remains unfulfilled. Both Knowledge & Wisdom are needed adequately for getting a job done right. Schools make children literate not educated. They only study don’t learn. International schools prepare their students for competitive exams. They cram through books, And the second the results are declared, The child forgets everything he has read.

It’s a shame how we can’t even figure out our own calculations. The calculator wasn’t invented because people needed a time-saving device. A device that could do calculations faster than the human mind or because people didn’t have enough time to figure out the solutions to their calculations, But it was only after the invention of the calculator that people stopped having time to figure out their own sums.

Even in the rural areas, The farmer wants to grow crops on a large scale, putting as less input & time as possible, And the result is unhealthy crops.

Any work needs concentration, From working out household activities to driving on the roadway.

What is meant by Speed? Any moving object is said to have speed, However, excessive speed kills.

The youngsters riding two-wheelers drive recklessly on the streets wanting to experience the chills & thrills of driving.  Even driving sitting inside a closed box doesn’t make you secure. Accidents now take place, not only on land but in the air too. Little things matter and missing out on those little things can cause disastrous accidents or considering those little things can keep disastrous accidents from taking place. Lik,e Avoid smoking while driving & drinking and driving. Alcohol takes a toll on the driver’s mind & he has no control whatsoever of the steering wheel anymore. Use a seatbelt, park the car at a safe spot for attending a call, keep your eyes on rear & side view mirrors. It’s a must for bikers to wear helmets.

Humans are such narcissistic beings that they’d risk someone’s life for entertainment. .  If u aren’t worried about yourself, Be concerned about the person you might meet an accident with. By over speeding you aren’t only risking your life, But their too. Your rash driving could kill somebody, They’re someone’s son, daughter, father, mother. So the next time you decide to create a massacre on the roads, remember you have your own family awaiting your arrival at home.

For safe & ecodriving, drive at a moderate speed. Aggressive driving is not only perilous for pedestrians & other drivers but it gradually kills the environment too. Like today’s fast paced life is a threat to the environment, it could be a threat for your life too. Modern civilization definitely varies from the Ancient civilization. In earlier days, People were all praise for nature. And, treated nature with utmost respect & honour.

Leave your house 5 to 10 minutes earlier, So that you have enough time in hand and don’t have to drive through the streets hastily. Would you like to sleep in till late at the cost of your life?   Sparing that five minutes of sleep, wouldn’t hurt, at least you wouldn’t be risking your life. Sacrificing those five minutes of sleep & getting to live another day in return, Not a bad bargain.

This frantic life has forced us to grow out of our emotions. People witness accidents happen, Like they would watch an action scene of a film get shot. They behold  survivors struggling on the roads, begging for their life & walk away. We have lost our affection for god, the elderly & nature. It’s destroying whatever little humanity that is left. To regain our lost conscience, to be able to tell apart the good from the bad, we need to introspect.

At times, Two or more people confronting a tragedy aren’t even at fault signifying that traffic laws need to be implemented in a more strict manner and the bumpy roads need to be leveled.

Children should be taught about road safety at an young age. Programs should be arranged at school concerning this affair. Communication & Technology should be put into good use,  For making people aware of the traffic rules & the consequences of violating those laws.

When you hit the streets in your vehicle, keep in mind;  there’s no restart button, the steering wheel’s not a gaming console, you don’t have lives here, you only have one life to live. Don’t play with your life like it’s a videogame,  you might accidently press the turn off button & there’s no cancel button here.

Like hard & fast decisions can be the end for many good things that might come your way, Excessive speed can put an end to your life. Luck only fails once, Death only occurs once.

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